Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Hivemind - Foreboding Winds 7" OUT NOW"

Hivemind- Foreboding Winds 7"

1. Empty Voyage
2. The Delusionist
3. Iron Curtain
4. Isolation/Desolation

Spite and malice never sounded so sweet. Merging sonic violence with raw lyrical rage,Hivemind appear on the earth like a thorn in the side of typical standard American hardcore. Foreboding Winds is the unsettling debut from south Floridas latest and greatest rookies and will serve as the jumping point to catapult the unknown to the familiar. Hivemind is not the sum of 4 guys in a room hashing out songs as a hobby, rather, 4 indivdually articulated machines trudging through unbridled emotion in the form of unpredictable audible art. Combining the speed of Slayer, the malevolence of Converge, and the heaviness of Crowbar, HM will no doubt reinvent the face of creative yet beautifully violent underground music. Consider this the cattle call.

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