Sunday, April 25, 2010

"HUF x Real Skateboards – Limited Edition Decks"

San Francisco’s HUF and Real Skateboards collaborated on this series of limited edition skateboard decks that are available now at both HUF SF and HUF LA. The decks come in either White, Black, or Wood color and are limited to 150 per color. Drop by either HUF location to pick yours up now.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"Ed Templeton ” The Cemetery of Reason” Exhibition Recap"

Just recently we had highlighted Ed Templeton’s latest large scale art exhibition, “The Cemetery of Reason”. While the video discussed the premise behind the show, the show’s final product is presented here. The show runs until June 13th at S.M.A.K. in Belgium.

"The Rats Come Out At Night"

Get On This While You Can Suckas!

"Photo of The Day"

Shay Maria

"Hivemind - Foreboding Winds 7" OUT NOW"

Hivemind- Foreboding Winds 7"

1. Empty Voyage
2. The Delusionist
3. Iron Curtain
4. Isolation/Desolation

Spite and malice never sounded so sweet. Merging sonic violence with raw lyrical rage,Hivemind appear on the earth like a thorn in the side of typical standard American hardcore. Foreboding Winds is the unsettling debut from south Floridas latest and greatest rookies and will serve as the jumping point to catapult the unknown to the familiar. Hivemind is not the sum of 4 guys in a room hashing out songs as a hobby, rather, 4 indivdually articulated machines trudging through unbridled emotion in the form of unpredictable audible art. Combining the speed of Slayer, the malevolence of Converge, and the heaviness of Crowbar, HM will no doubt reinvent the face of creative yet beautifully violent underground music. Consider this the cattle call.

Get your fill of Hivemind shit here :

"Saturday April 24th Local South Florida Hardcore At The Talent Farm"


Saturday April 24th @ The Talent Farm
6:30 PM
8 Bucks to rage
20911 Johnson St. #111 Pembroke Pines

Fuck you

"BACK IN ACTION! "Trapped Under Ice - Believe" New Video"

Trapped Under Ice "Believe" Music Video from scullen on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Photo of The Day"

"Heel Bruise 2010 Spring Gear"

Heel Bruise have updated their website with a look at their upcoming collection for the Spring. The young brand offers more of their already classic graphics, and a slew of brand new ones inspired by sports icons, California, and more. The range also consists of hoodies, and caps, which will be releasing in the coming weeks.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

"Photo of The Day"

"Weekly Hardcore Show Update"

Swamp Thing
Mehkago NT
Dead End Path
Betrayed By Life

Doors 5:30 pm.
Volume Studios
157 Se 10th Ave.
Miami, Fl 33010

"Come Out And Support South Florida Hardcore"

Cruel Hand

Banging BBQ at 4pm. Drinking in the Parking Lot will be makin a guest appearance
Show starts at 5pm.
The Talent Farm
20911 Johnson st. #110 Pembroke Pines, Fl 33029

"My First Post Of The New Year (JAYKON SHOUT-OUT)"

Some image magic from          

Pop your head in and check out some amazing photography from Miami's Finest

                                     Julian Consuegra xxx

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

"Powell Peralta's Rip The Ripper"

The Rip the Ripper artshow that went down last January has now spawned a book and commemorative limited edition deck. Featuring fifty eight artists’ reinterpretation of Powell Peralta’s famous Ripper, the book will be available in either a 8″ X 8″ soft cover for $40.00, or a 10″ X 10″ hard cover for $75.00. You can get them here on December 19th. The deck is another story - there are only going to be 240 of these so you might want to start pulling in favors now.

Andrew Pommier

Jimbo Phillips

Jason Adams


Monday, November 30, 2009

"Mondays Momma"

Padma Lakshmi

"No Reservations - Mexico Part 1 & 2"

Head over and watch the other three parts of Anthont Bourdains "No Reservations - Mexico"
Watch: HERE

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"All New Loser Gear Online Now"


Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Freaks And Geeks Intro from Brian Brice on Vimeo.
AND GEEKS! Why did you have to leave me son!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Cycle Zombies Shout Out"

I Just came across this insane blog with ill shit for homies who are into Bikes and boards of all kinds. So take a moment and stick your face in the direction of the Cycle Zombies and peep some rad cycle shit!
Here : Cycle Zombies Blog

Also Check out the fresh shit they got cookin' up at the Cycle Zombie Online Shop. I know i'll be pickin up some shit.


The Top 100 albums released between January 2000 and December 2009, as voted for by NME staff (past and present) plus a selection of musicians and industry figures that included Arctic Monkeys, Carl Barat, The Killers, Jarvis Cocker, Pete Doherty, Elbow, Johnny Marr, MGMT, Ian Brown, The Big Pink, Snoop Dogg, Alan McGee, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Michael Eavis and many, many more (see the full jury in NME magazine).

This list is taken from the ‘End Of The Decade’ issue of NME magazine (on sale November 18th) where each album included is reviewed again from a 2009 perspective, alongside brand new interviews and a look back at the defining musical moments of the past 10 years.

Well what do you know, look what album ranked #2:

Read the original NME review from 2002:
"It hasn't passed without comment that the front-running bands at the moment hail from almost everywhere except Britain. No new homegrown band can yet hold a candle to The Strokes or The Vines - and when Sweden and bloody New Zealand begin out-rocking the UK, you know that things are getting bad. Forget UK garage; we want, well, UK garage - bands with a tiger in their tank and a ready quip on their lips, who can out-dress, out-class and out-drink Johnny Foreigner and won't rest until they've buccaneered from Land's End to John O'Groats. The Libertines: your country needs you!
And after ten months morphing from The London Strokes to their current, eccentric incarnation, The Libertines have released their debut album. Mysteriously omitting 'What A Waster', it's the sound of hot iron being struck, hay made while the sun shines and opportunity knocking, being grabbed by the scruff of the neck and shagged there and then on the doormat. It's ragged, inconsistent, and, in places, barely finished (it was produced, apparently live, by The Clash's Mick Jones). The awful acoustic ballad, 'Radio America', falls apart before your very ears.
But when it comes to vim (as in vigour and also the cleaning product they probably snort when all else fails), The Libertines have what it takes. Boundlessly curious and energetic, the best parts of 'Up The Bracket' come across like William Blake meets The Jam round the back of King's Cross station. 'Horrorshow', basically a speeded up version of Elvis Presley's 'His Latest Flame', makes chronic heroin addiction sound distinctly jolly. 'The Boys In The Band' doesn't just pile on the sleaze, it crucially also turns on the charm. 'I Get Along' features the best swearing (a throwaway 'Fuck 'em') in pop this year. And 'The Good Old Days' is a nicely-timed reminder to jaded fools everywhere that 'If you've lost your faith in love and music the end won't be long'. See, The Libertines even do wise.
This isn't the record to smite The Vines and The Strokes with the sword of Albion - it's too disorganised and chaotic for that. But if The Libertines can keep writing songs as insolently catchy as the title track and the Smiths-style 'Time For Heroes', their finest hour will be upon us soon. Still, this is more than adequate for now.
God save the 'Tines!"

Alex Needham

Via: NME

"Nike SB - Debacle Bonus Sections"

"Supreme x Vans 106 Collection"

Later this week, Supreme and Vans will release their latest collaboration based on the 106 model. With a total of four shoes, two styles are seen in camouflage while two others are seen in suede. Each style also includes leather lining and insoles. The shoes release in-store and online on November 27th with a Japanese release slated for November 28th.

Via: HypeBeast

Monday, November 23, 2009

"Mondays Momma (Late)"

Alex Sim

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